The company  ASTILLEROS DE GUINEA ECUATORIAL S.A.was founded in 2009. Shipyard is located in the port of Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.Main activities of the company: organization of shipbuilding and repair; consultations when buying vessels, equipment and spare parts;professional consultations on technical issues in the shipbuilding and repair.


LLC “NIBULON” is one of the leaders of the domestic agrarian market. The company has 44 production units in 12 regions of Ukraine, its own shipbuilding and ship repair plant and a modern cargo fleet, which consists of 48 self-propelled and non-self-propelled vessels. Since May 2017, the NIBULON company has opened regular passenger transport routes by water transport.




Smart-Holding is one of the largest industrial and investment groups of Ukraine which unites enterprises participating in common strategic aims and business principles. Smart Holding interests are focused on branches possessing key importance for the country economy. Smart Holding enterprises invest in metals and mining and oil and gas sector, banking sector, agriculture, retail, shipbuilding and real estate. Smart Holding enterprises also participate in other business-projects as portfolio investors.




“MTG – Dolphin” PLC was established in January, 1991. For the last 25 years the company has gained strong positions and reputation on the international market as reliable partner in the shipbuilding and ship repair business sector. The production capacity and resource capacity of the Yard allow building of specialized vessels up to 8’500 tons and repair of vessels up to 18’000 tons.