"Asaba Design Centre" LLC founded in 2012 is one of the largest Ukrainian marine design organizations today - about 80 different specialists work here. The main office is located in Nikolaev. Another small department is in Equatorial Guinea five thousand kilometers from Ukraine. This is the place where practically all our projects are implemented and we develop the shipping industry of this country starting from scratch among other companies.

Our Design Centre is engaged in full cycle engineering works. We develop design assignments, ship concepts, contractual documentation, basic and classification projects, detailed and technological documentation, sketches for parts and pipes, nesting layout and service documentation. Asaba Design Centre covers all sections: ship theory, hull, devices, mechanisms, systems, equipment, and electrical installations. Our experts are able to perform any work. Moreover, we can design special purpose ships in compliance with the acting state license. In addition, besides its main activity, our Design Centre is also involved in project engineering of shipyards, workshops and slipway facilities.

Our main shareholder, Statega CJSC, is a shipbuilding and ship repair company headquartered in Klaipeda, founded in 2005 and now operating not only in Lithuania but also outside. Equatorial Guinea, a small African country with an area slightly larger than the Nikolayev region and very significant oil and gas reserves, became one of the Statega priorities. Statega CJSC has come out on top for capita gross domestic product in Africa and continues progressing as rapidly as the Persian Gulf countries. Therefore, the company owner, who has cooperated with the Ship Design Centre for a long time at the Chernomorskiy Shipbuilding Yard (CSY) and knows the performance potential of local shipbuilders, has proposed to establish a new design centre in Nikolaev. As a result, Asaba Design Centre founded, the shareholders of which are the Lithuanian Statega owning the controlling interest as well as the CSY designers Sergey Khalnov and Sergey Beglitsa, who are well-known to Ukrainian shipbuilders.